Addiction and Recovery

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Addiction and recovery are equally challenging circumstances that have lingered too long under the shadow of vague hopefulness. Whether it is hoping that a loved one that is flirting with addiction escape or recover from it; when it comes to addiction and recovery hope is tenuous at best for most of us. This is partly due to the fact that the perpetual flow of addictive substances whose momentum is spurred by increasing potencies, has enabled addiction to retain its status as an insurmountable scab on the skin of society. This perspective however, may need updating! If only because it has seriously undermined the revolutionary breakthroughs that has occurred and continue to occur in recovery interventions. These innovative evidenced based interventions are leveling the addiction and recovery playing field as they are incorporated into the rehabilitation process at facilities like Philadelphia drug addiction treatment centers.

It is undeniable that the average Joe's recovery tale cannot compete with addictions emotionally charged death toll stories that make interesting media headlines. Nevertheless; thanks to ongoing breakthroughs in technology and innovative treatment modalities, Addiction Centers Philadelphia and drug rehab services across the nation are achieving many near-miraculous recovery for their patients every single day.

As part of the addiction and recovery conversation, Director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) Nora Volkow noted that addiction recovery is aided today by a wide spectrum of western medications. These are able to reduce cravings and the debilitating effects of withdrawal symptoms. Naloxone for instance, is an opioid overdose reversal medication and a vital life-saving tool in the addiction recovery process. It is just one example of a treatment medication that has successfully snatched thousands of men and women from the edge of a fatal drug overdose and given them the opportunity to take the next step towards full recovery. NIDA data also show that most people who participate fully in addiction recovery programs are able to stop habituated drug use and resume healthy psychological functioning.

The Philadelphia drug addiction treatment approach is based on the personalized concept of recovery. The primary factors that determine recovery rate is hinged on shifting the individual focus from drug use to the innumerable benefits of sobriety. A sense of hopelessness is one of the most debilitating effects of addiction. However, drug addiction specialist at addiction centers in Philadelphia have repeatedly observed that once drug use has successfully been halted through detoxification and the compulsive and uncontrollable patterns of behavior are being appropriately managed, a positive shift in the patient's mindset occurs. This is a pivotal point in the rehabilitation process when the individual recognize that they have survived the stronghold of addiction and are on a new trajectory towards recovery.

To be successful the addiction recovery process must be customized and comprehensive. It must also provide an integrative continuum of care with an ultimate goal for sustainable sobriety that includes...

  • A thorough physical and psychological evaluation that help the treatment teach to design a program of recovery that considers comorbidities and any other unique experiences that the patient may have due to their addiction.
  • A detoxification procedure that is tailored to the type of drug of abuse, duration of use and patient's specific health care needs and occurs with around the clock medical supervision.
  • A careful selection of evidence-based behavioral therapies
  • Participation in individual and if necessary group and family counseling
  • Particular attention to mental health care
  • If determined necessary, monitored administration of pharmacological interventions that facilitate the recovery process.
  • Relapse prevention education and training; and
  • A planned program of aftercare that support sobriety maintenance.

At addiction centers in Philadelphia, the recovery process is always focused on reengaging brain functions that has been hijacked by drug abuse so that the mind, body and spirit balance may be restored. As such, they stay on the cutting edge of addiction treatment interventions in order to regularly incorporate the most innovative programs into the recovery process.

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