Drug & Alcohol Intervention Centers in Philadelphia, PA

The 39 intervention centers in Philadelphia, PA and others across the nation can supply patients with medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for substance abuse and addiction. Addiction, contrary to what many may think, is classified as a mental disease that requires medical attention in order to overcome. With the help of quality addiction care, recovery is attainable.

Intervention centers in Philadelphia, PA make the addict aware of their addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol, in an effort to motivate them to attend treatment. If enough close friends and family members attend an intervention, the more likely it is that the individual will opt to attend treatment get help.

Treatment for addiction needs to be tailored to the uniqueness of the individual in order to be successful. After a confidential initial patient assessment, patients will learn more about which treatment program is best for them. Although overcoming addiction is not easy and will come with its fair share of challenges, obtaining sustained sobriety is possible. The key is to stick with the treatment plan for the duration of the program and to stay motivated and confident.

If the individual continues on the road of addiction, the addiction may very well take the life of this individual. This is because it is a chronic and progressive disease that continues to worsen until treatment intervenes. Patients' needs the appropriate care and guidance coupled with a treatment program in order to be free from substance abuse.

Addiction recovery involves a number of stages in order to reach the level of long-lasting sobriety. Typically, the patient will go through a medically-assisted detox in order to safely wean them off of the substance of abuse. This can take anywhere from three days to one week in order to completely be free of the substance of abuse. The detox is intended to lessen the withdrawal symptoms that come with detoxing.

It's time to get addiction assistance now from intervention centers in Philadelphia, PA or ones near the area. The more time that is taken to decide to attend treatment, the more damage is being done to the body and mind.

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