Suboxone Withdrawal Treatment in Philadelphia

Programs for Suboxone withdrawal treatment in Philadelphia help patients manage the withdrawal symptoms of detox. It is a combination of the medications buprenorphine (an opioid, pain-relieving medication) and naloxone, a medication that reverses the effects of most narcotics. Doctors prescribe Suboxone as a means to help a person overcome an addiction to opiates, such as hydrocodone or morphine. The medicine often serves as an alternative to methadone as a treatment for opiate addiction.

Because Suboxone does contain an opiate, it is prone to withdrawal symptoms when a person uses the drug. For this reason, Philadelphia drug abuse treatment centers provide medical detox in a safe, secure environment.

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Effects and Symptoms of Use

When a person is addicted to opiates, taking Suboxone should not cause euphoric effects. Instead, the medicine should reduce the withdrawal effects and cravings of coming off of an addiction to opiates. However, some people will take the drug as a means to get high in the absence of an opiate addiction.

Dangers of Suboxone Use

While Suboxone does not require the close monitoring that methadone does, doctors do have to go through special training to be able to prescribe the medication. This is because the medication takes some education to ensure a person is using it most effectively. By using Suboxone at a drug treatment center, medical professionals can closely monitor a person to ensure he or she is taking it most effectively.

How Is It Commonly Abused?

Suboxone is available as a film that goes under the tongue. Some people may abuse it as a means to reduce the comedown and withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin use. This is why Suboxone has become a more popular street drug.

Withdrawal Effects

When a person who is addicted stops using it, he or she may experience flu-like symptoms. These can include dizziness, body aches, runny nose, stomach cramping, diarrhea, vomiting, chills, tiredness and sweating.

Treatments for Suboxone Abuse

Philadelphia drug abuse treatment is typically accomplished through tapering the drug dosages to minimize adverse symptoms. This tapering plan is often accompanied by therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapies. Narcotics Anonymous also lets patients share their struggles with withdrawal. Don't wait one more day. Contact Philadelphia drug detox centers today!

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