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Not every addict realizes the extent of their addiction. If you or someone you love abuses drugs, you don't have to get clean on your own. Counselors who work at Philadelphia drug rehab centers are trained to treat a variety of patients with many diverse life situations. No one is immune to addiction. Getting to the bottom of addiction requires patients to deal with their own particular stressors and triggers so they can stay drug-free when they return home. Choosing a treatment program gives you the opportunity to work with addiction therapists, doctors, nurses, and psychologists in order to fully treat every aspect of your addiction as well as find out how it manifested.


Causes of Drug Addiction

It is estimated that 20 million people in the Unites States are currently participating in a drug and alcohol rehab program. There are a variety of reasons that one person becomes addicted to drugs and another doesn't. It could have to do with their genetics. Environment also plays a huge role in addiction. People who live with extra stress can be tempted to seek a relief from their problems with the escape of getting high. People who have drugs easily accessible are more likely to become addicted and stay addicted as long as they are in that environment. This is why inpatient alcohol and drug rehab programs are good options for many addicts.

Consequences of Addiction

Social consequences are typically the first signs that someone is addicted to drugs. Drug use can result in erratic behavior which strains relationships. Many addicts also suffer from unemployment, financial struggles and legal issues. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are worsened by drug use. Depending on the drug an addict uses, there are a variety of physical consequences of abusing drugs. This can include premature aging, organ problems and early death.

How to Tell if You Will Become Addicted

It is impossible to tell who will become addicted and who will not. While there are some factors that researchers have found that might contribute to an addict's addiction, there is no specific characteristic that predicts if someone will become addicted. Many addicts begin their addiction thinking they could never become addicted. This is not true. Anyone can become addicted at any time. Some addicts do not seek drug or alcohol treatment because they are under the false belief that they could stop whenever they wanted to. Research has found that the desire to quit is only part of the equation for successful sobriety. The reason is that addicts are chemically addicted to the substances they take. Stopping abruptly without supervision could be a fatal mistake. It is important for addicts to find help and support at facilities such as Philadelphia rehab centers during their drug or alcohol detox phase. Finding a qualified drug and alcohol treatment center is an important step in getting clean. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, don't wait to get help.


Consequences of Drug Abuse

Abusing drugs may result in severe consequences for an addict. Many drugs contain harmful chemicals that are not meant for human inhalation, ingestion or injection. Overuse of these substances can cause degenerative problems with organs that may ultimately result in a premature death. Another consequence of drug abuse is trouble with the law. Many drug addicts go to desperate measures to obtain money for drugs.

Treatment for Drug Abuse

Not enough drug abusers take advantage of treatment for drug addiction. Most programs are set up specifically to target three goals: abstinence, relapse prevention and rehabilitation. Depending on the severity of addiction, most treatment centers start with detoxifying clients. This process is used to rid all presence of drugs from a person's system. This must be done under medical care as some symptoms of withdrawal require medical attention. After the detoxifying process is finished, clients are then able to go through a series of group and counseling sessions that will prepare them to be on their own.

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