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It is very common for people who are addicted to drugs to be in denial. They may not realize the effect their drug addiction has on their family and friends. They may think that the drug or alcohol detox process is too painful. Either way, an intervention from their loved ones with the help of a certified drug or alcohol treatment center may be the only hope of getting help. When a loved one has a drug or alcohol addiction, you can help them get clean.

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When to Have an Intervention

Substance abuse affects everyone differently. For an addict, drug or drink becomes the whole world. At drug treatment centers in Philadelphia, they've seen many people at their lowest point. Here are some signs that someone may need an intervention:

  • They are neglecting responsibilities
  • There's physical changes in their appearance
  • Reckless or erratic behavior becomes commonplace
  • Legal or relationship problems persist
  • They say they won't use drugs but continue anyway

Intervention Planning Process

Planning is a crucial step in the intervention process. Substance abusers can be manipulative because of their addiction. Having a plan can be the difference between a successful intervention and a failed one. Hiring an interventionist from a drug treatment center on Philadelphia PA to assist you in this process is recommended, especially if the addict is in denial or has a history of violence. Part of the plan will include an alcohol or drug rehab that will assist them in getting clean.

Get Information

Don't count on an addict to tell you the extent of the situation. Find out from their friends and other family members what drugs they are taking, where they are getting them and who they are taking them with. Not only will this information help with the drug detox process, it will also prepare you to confront any misinformation presented by the addict to minimize their problem. Let the professionals at a drug rehab center know what you find out.


The consequences of drug and alcohol abuse can be denied or blamed on other things. Family and friends need to make this the line in the sand. If the addict chooses not to go through with drug treatment, there will be a very real consequence that they can't excuse away. If they don't complete drug rehab programs, their car insurance won't get paid. They have to move out. They can't be around their siblings. Whatever it is, make sure to write it down so you can be very clear about the message you are sending.

Immediate Decision

If you tell them to think about getting drug or alcohol treatment and get back with you, you have your answer already. Tell them they need to decide right then if they will go to drug or alcohol rehab or not. You want to have your loved one around for the future. Take steps today to get them the help they need from a qualified drug rehab center. Call Philadelphia Drug Treatment Centers today at (267) 443-1826 for more information.

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