Percocet Drug Treatment in Philadelphia

Percocet is the brand name for a prescription medication containing the ingredients of both acetaminophen and oxycodone that is used for moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone is an opioid pain medication. Acetaminophen is also a pain reliever. When combined in Percocet, it boosts the effects of oxycodone. However, people can easily develop a dependence on this drug, which is why Percocet drug treatment in Philadelphia is needed.

Percocet addiction occurs when the drug is used for unintended purposes, such as to obtain a "high" and not to relieve pain. Percocet addiction also occurs when a person takes more than prescribed or takes it for longer periods of time than allowed. Percocet addiction is a treatable condition with programs available through drug detox treatment centers in Philadelphia. Call (267) 443-1826 for more information.

How Does Percocet Addiction Happen?

Percocet addiction happens because oxycodone is an opioid drug made from the same source as heroin and morphine, all highly addictive substances. An opioid is any chemical resembling the chemical makeup of opiates as well as its pharmacological effects. Percocet affects the brain and the central nervous system (CNS), modifying the brain's perception of pain, and can cause the same high as heroin. Since it is a CNS depressant, it raises dopamine levels once it reaches the brain. Euphoric, calming and relaxing effects with intensified pleasurable feelings result. When the brain and body become dependent on Percocet for daily functioning, it's due to changes made by the drug in brain chemistry, resulting in cravings for euphoria, and an addiction results.

Treatment for Addiction

Percocet withdrawal symptoms need professional treatment. Philadelphia health care personnel monitor addicts around the clock while administering a medically supervised detox. Prescribed medications are given to relieve and eliminate withdrawal syndrome. After detox, comprehensive rehab for addiction starts. Attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting is recommended for full recovery.

Recovery in treatment centers provide the support and expertise of board-certified addiction specialists specializing in prescription drug abuse. Rehabilitation programs are customized and use traditional as well as holistic remedies enabling you to reach full recovery. Relapse prevention programs, administered after treatment, provide the tools you'll need to enjoy a sober and healthier life without the bonds of prescription drug abuse. Achieve the fresh start you deserve by calling drug relapse prevention centers in Philadelphia today.

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