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The National Institutes of Health tracks a variety of sources to find known causes of death and says that nationally, the trend of heroin overdose rates are rising. Some popular drugs are in decline in terms of their overdose rates, but heroin is in the reverse. The trend towards overdose rates going up began in 2010 and as of 2013, the number of deaths due to this opiate are up over five times their rate from 2001. This despite the drop in death rates from analgesics which is often closely tied with opioid use. Philadelphia overdose treatment centers are dedicated to helping to lower those heroin death rates.

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Dramatic Rise of Heroin Overdose Treatment

The Centers for Disease Control shows that the death or near-death rates from over-use of analgesics are on a downward trend. These are the legally prescribed opiate-derived drugs that are often misused in the U.S. For years, the overdose rates in this country were on a stable trend, but have begun to rise dramatically.

The demographics seeing the largest growth in heroin overdose rates are those often considered unlikely abusers. Increasingly, wealthy, well-educated, and economically privileged people are turning to heroin. This is believed to be associated with the migration of users from prescription opioids to the less costly and more accessible illicit option.

Most overdose-related deaths in the United States stem from the use of opiates - most commonly morphine or heroin. Although prescription drug abuse, especially of opioid-derivatives, is a serious problem in this country, many prescription abusers soon turn to illicit options like heroin because they are cheaper and sometimes easier to access. Prescription opiates can cost five times a similarly-effective amount of heroin will.

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